There is always a demand for a good quality toboggan and sled. There are lots of hills that are great for toboggans and people are always looking for something newer and faster. Superior to all the toboggans currently out there…this is the one!

  • Our toboggans are lightweight yet strong.
  • We manufacture our toboggans from high quality polyethylene plastic which will not break even in the coldest weather.
  • These toboggans can be made flat in less than 15 seconds and fit under a car seat.
  • Our toboggans are manufactured in Canada.       PATENT # 2617431
Size L 44″ X W 19″ X H 9″
Part #: B5-0010
UPC #: 856131001450

Toboggans and Sleds

What could be a better winter time activity with family and friends than grabbing the toboggans and heading out to the hill for a few hours of fun and exercise?  Our toboggans and sleds are inspired by the classic shape but our lightweight designs are much easier to handle and make the trek back up the hill much easier than hauling a heavy wooden toboggan.  The side grab handles help to keep you in place for the rides down the hill then double as a carry handle as you climb back up for the next run.  While others are dragging their heavy toboggans and sleds back up the hill you will be back up in no time at the top of the hill.

Choose Your Style

We have a variety of shapes and sizes to let you choose the right one to make the most of your winter fun.  The small toboggan is perfect for a single rider and comes in several colors.  The Red Sled is a great slider for two and the high sidewall design helps to keep everyone in the sled for the entire run down the hill.  This is a great sled for smaller children or a parent and child combination. The Crazy Carpet is for the thrill seeker looking to maximize their run on every run down the hill. The family sleds handle multiple riders for a group run down the hill with low sidewalls and higher back wall to help keep the family together to the bottom of the hill.

Small Toboggan
Size L 35″ X W 16″ X H 6″
Part #: B53-0015
UPC# 856131001 26 9
Red Sled
Size L 32″ X W 16″ X H 8″
Part #: B5-0011
UPC #: 856131001535
Crazy Carpet
Size Crazy Carpet L 44″ X W 20″
Part #: B53-0020
UPC #: 856131001870
Small Blue Family Sled
Size L 38″ X W 19″ X H 8″
Part #: B53-0023
UPC #: 856131001627
Large Blue Family Sled
Size L 48″ X W 19″ X H 8″
Part #: B53-0024
UPC #: 856131001337