Circular Wood Racks

  • High Quality Indoor/Outdoor Circular Steel Structure Firewood Racks
  • Keeps your firewood organized, off the ground, and dry
  • Available in 24″, 36″ and 48″
  • Made from 1/2 Steel Rod
  • Baked on durable Powder Coated Paint
  • Folds flat for easy storage
  • 100% Canadian Made
  • Designed to store your poker or Wiener roast sticks on top
Firewood Rack

Made from solid ½” steel rod, these circular firewood racks are built to hold your firewood for many years to come.  This attractive and organized firewood storage rack is available in 24”, 36” and 48” models to suit your firewood storage needs.  Use the 48” rack to hold your wood outside and a 24” or 36” to keep a handy supply of firewood near your woodstove, fireplace, or fire pit.  The 24” rack holds enough firewood for several hours of fire burning and the 48” rack stores enough wood for several days worth of wood.

When empty, the racks weigh only a few pounds and are easy to relocate to where your wood storage will be most conveniently located.

The smart design of the racks widens the spacing between the rings at the bottom of the rack making a wide sturdy base for the rack and the legs keep your wood stored high and dry off the ground.

Pair this handy firewood rack with either our wood stove or our fire rings for a great looking combination.  The matching black powder coat finish gives this wood rack an attractive and long-lasting finish.




Firewood Rack
Circular Wood Rack 24″

Part # B5-0242
UPC # 856131001931

Firewood Rack
Circular Wood Rack 36″

Part # B5-0240
UPC # 856131001924

Firewood Rack
Circular Wood Rack 48″

Part # B5-0241
UPC # 856131001306